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Our Philosophy

The philosophy at Headstart Childcare Inc. is to facilitate every child’s growth of self-discovery on the road to independence. Our experience and research have shown that play is essential for every stage of a child’s development. Through play, children learn important social skills such as: sense of belonging, sharing, turn taking, and concepts of ownership and conflict resolution. In this setting, children can safely attempt new roles, expand their capabilities, improves motor skills, problem solving, develops language, and expands creativity. Play also serves as a catharsis for feelings and enables the child to express themselves in a safe environment. This philosophy provides the guiding principles used when developing our curriculum and our Vision.

Headstart Childcare Inc. addresses the needs and diversity of the whole child and supports families in the community with ongoing education and resources. We are a fully inclusive program and work along side Inclusion Langley and Supported Child Development. 

Our Philosophy: Our Mission
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